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"I'm a husband, father, environmental attorney, public servant, community volunteer, and a City Councilmember. My vision for our city is guided by my experience in each of these roles.
I believe we must work towards a future that is sustainable, secure, and resilient.  We can, and we must, create a city that stands the test of time but is also responsive to the current needs of our residents.  We must embrace environmental sustainability, community spirit, and real improvements to our quality of life. 

As the father of two young kinds, I know there is no greater goal than to leave them a world that is safe, secure, and equitable.  As the old saying goes, we must "think globally and act locally."  Each day I wake up and think about what I can do locally, to help contribute to a better region, state, nation, and world."
A Sustainable Environment

We are all only the current caretakers of the city, this nation, and this planet.  It's our children and their children who will live with the effects of our decisions today.

That's why, as a father of two young children, I believe we must be on the forefront of protecting and sustaining our natural world, fighting climate change, and ensuring environmental equity for ALL our residents.    We must base our response on facts, data, and science!


That's why I'm proud of the progress we've made so far:


  • Joined the Clean Power Alliance and increased our renewable energy rates by 16%

  •  Adopted Alhambra's first Tree Preservation Ordinance

  •  Planted over 700 new trees on public property

  •  Qualified as a "Tree City USA" for the first time in history

  • Improved electric vehicle charging capacity

  • Helped to create "Alhambra Beautiful" drought tolerant landscaping award program

  • Expanded use of alternative fuel and low emission vehicles


I am also very excited that the Council unanimously approved my proposal to create an innovative Sustainability Action Plan to coordinate all City efforts to become a truly sustainable community for generations to come.


A Stronger Sense of Community

Alhambra is a wonderful town filled with warm and welcoming people from all walks of life.  We are one of the most diverse communities in the nation and I take pride in that.

I feel it is my duty to help foster our sense of community by being more open, more inclusive, and more welcoming of all our residents.

That's why I've supported initiatives to break down language barriers, empower our citizens commissions, increase outreach from City Hall to residents, and spearheaded community events designed to bring us together. With my support, we have:

  • Adopted the City's first language access and translation policy

  • Worked to empower resident commissions

  • Expanded notice provisions for upcoming projects

  • Improved electronic access to public meetings

  • Brought the wildly popular "626 Golden Streets" event to town

  • Supported community events like Pumpkin Run and Eco Fair

  • Established a regular "meet your councilmember" booth at the Alhambra Farmers Market


While serving my term as Mayor, one of my proudest accomplishments was helping to bring the 626 Golden Streets event to Alhambra.  To this day, it was one of the most rewarding moments of my time on the Council. I hope to continue that legacy into my next term.

Quality of Life

As important as it is to plan for the future, it's also crucial that the City is responsive to the current needs of our residents.  Over the last four years, I have been at the forefront of addressing issues like traffic, responsible development, expansion of parks and green space, and smarter land use and planning. 

  • Secured nearly $200 million for traffic improvements throughout Alhambra

  • Improved and expanded parks and playgrounds at several of our City parks

  • Worked with state leaders to ensure that new laws consider impacts to our low density residential neighborhoods

  • Began work on an alternative transportation plan which will make it safer to walk and bike around Alhambra

  • Demanded true community input into land use and development decisions

Looking forward, I'm proud to have introduced the City's very first historic preservation ordinance so that we can ensure that Alhambra's wonderful legacy will be preserved in perpetuity. 

Campaign Finance Reform

I support local campaign finance reform and I support Measure V.  I am proud have been appointed one of the lead negotiators on behalf of the City Council in drafting this consensus charter amendment which would overhaul Alhambra's elections and campaign finance laws.

Measure V will impose a $250 campaign contribution limit, implement a district based election system, and, at my insistence, prohibit campaign donations from developers, city contractors, and political action committees. 

These reforms will help to reinforce the trust of the electorate that their elected leaders are not unduly influenced by individuals who could have business before the Council. 

Emergency Response

Living in California, we must always be prepared for natural disasters and other emergencies.  Still, no one could have predicted the havoc the COVID-19 pandemic would bring to our entire world.

Here in Alhambra, I am proud that we were able to implement rapid responses to the pandemic on several fronts.  We quickly:

  • Implemented renter and housing protections

  • Provided COVID testing for Alhambra residents

  • Instituted direct housing aid to those affected by the pandemic

  • Expanded the senior meals program for our most vulnerable

  • Worked closely with County and State officials on our response

  • Expedited outdoor dining permits to help our small business restaurants to continue to thrive

As a private citizen, I was also honored to help organize a small food bank and distribution effort and volunteer with larger efforts along side community organizations.  Personally collecting and delivering much needed food and home goods to our neighbors was a humbling experience, from which I learned much. 

In my next term, I will continue to push for emergency preparedness, particularly for earthquake, extreme heat, and the effects of climate change.

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